Lycamobile offers 1 GB of data at 3.75 €, the cheapest Data Bundle in the Spanish market
Lycamobile offers 1 GB of data at 3.75 €, the cheapest Data Bundle in the Spanish market

The operator Lycamobile, leader of MVNO companies in Spain with one million and five hundred thousand customers, is providing its customers a Data Bundle of 1 GB which allows surfing Internet at a price of 3.75 euros, this is the lowest rate at the moment in Spain to connect to Internet.

The offer is available for prepaid SIM cards. The users don’t have to to sign any contract or permanence to access this offer, available throughout the whole country. With 1 GB at 3.75 euros, Lycamobile provides the most competitive option in the market in terms of price to surf the Internet.

"It's a good choice for tablets, for those who have a second line or who regularly exceed the data offered by their company," says Allirajah Subaskaran, Lycamobile Group Chairman. "Many people know us for our international rates, but we also provide data at very competitive prices. That makes us an appreciated option for anyone who lives in Spain and want to save money on phone bills and the Internet," he adds.

To access to this offer, the customers must first enable the Company Saving Plan, which is accessed by sending an SMS to 2525 with PLAN AHORRO text. Subsequently, dial the promotion code*201*101# and follow the onscreen instructions. The data is valid for 30 days and does not require any kind of permanence.

The company also has other offers like 2 GB for 7 euros, 3 GB for 12.5 euros or 250 MB for 2.5 euros, all within the Saver Plan. These offers are available on the web. If the user exceeds the bonus data, each additional MB is charged at € 0.145 / MB.

“Communicating via the Internet is increasingly important. Use social networks, Whatsapp, Line or sharing videos is now a basic necessity. This is a market demand and we deal with it at the best price, as we have always done with the rates ", says Allirajah Subaskaran.

Lycamobile SIM cards can be ordered at or purchased at outlets like Telecor, HolaMobi, Small World, Europhil, tobacconists, kiosks, gas stations or post offices.
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