Lycamobile Granted MVNO Licence in Ukraine

Lycamobile Granted MVNO Licence in Ukraine

Lycamobile, the world’s largest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), announces today that it has been granted an MVNO license in Ukraine with plans to launch services in the region imminently, in partnership with national telecom operator Ukrtelecom and its mobile vehicle 3Mob. This development is another step towards expanding Lycamobile’s global network presence to 22 countries worldwide and extending its reach in Eastern Europe, following the successful launch of Lycamobile Macedonia last year.

Ukraine has one of the most developed telecommunications markets in the region, with approximately 144 mobile subscriptions per 100 people, meaning many of the country’s 42.5 million population have more than one mobile SIM. With millions of Ukrainians living abroad, the upcoming launch will offer customers the opportunity to take advantage of Lycamobile’s low-cost service to keep in touch with friends and family and connect with their loved ones around the world and at home. Lycamobile’s domestic product offering will prove highly competitive, providing Ukrainians with value for money bundles offering high amounts of calls, texts and data.

Lycamobile will be bringing its services to Ukraine in partnership with 3Mob, the mobile subsidiary of the largest national telecom operator Ukrtelecom. 3Mob introduced Ukraine’s first 3G network, and on launch, Lycamobile customers will have access to the operator’s extended coverage map across the country.

Lyca Group Chairman, Allirajah Subaskaran, commented: “We are delighted to have been granted a license in Ukraine and to be partnering with Ukrtelecom and 3Mob to expand our product offering to the region in the coming weeks. As one of the most important markets in Eastern Europe, we look forward to helping Ukraine’s growing and active customer base to connect with their loved ones both at home and abroad.”

Yuriy Kurmaz, CEO of Ukrtelecom, added: “This partnership with Lycamobile, which will provide customers with access to Ukrtelecom’s significant 3G coverage in Ukraine, creates a new opportunity for 3Mob. Existing barriers on calls between networks and the significant market power of Ukraine’s largest mobile operators has historically limited the development of the country’s smaller operators. Through this partnership with Lycamobile, a strong international player, Ukrainians will now have access to low cost data, calling and texting services, a considerable move towards removing communications barriers for customers in the region”.

Founded in 2006, Lycamobile has grown quickly to serve 15 million customers globally across five continents. This latest development reinforces the firm’s values of connectivity, accessibility and trust, and supports its growth strategy of launching low-cost calling, messaging and data services in new markets, including Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

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