Lycamobile UK launches innovative loyalty programme

Get a free gig of data a month with Lycarewards for viewing ads on your phone

Lycamobile UK announced today the launch of its Lycarewards loyalty programme. This innovative new service, delivered in partnership with Adfone, Inc., offers Lycamobile UK customers free data bundles and gift cards in exchange for viewing ads and special offers on their Android smartphones.

The service is delivered free via the Lycarewards app available in the Google Play store. Customers accumulate “Reward Points” by swiping to like/dislike adverts, or by clicking through to the advertiser’s website. Customers earn 5 points for every swipe and click of the adverts they see, and these Reward Points can then be redeemed for Lyca data bundles or an Amazon gift card.

As an added incentive at launch, customers will receive double data, 1,000 welcome points on registration and a further 1,000 points after 30 days of usage. Active users can earn a free 1GB of data a month, with the potential to earn even more depending on their level of engagement.

Chris Tooley, Lycamobile UK CEO, commented, “This exciting programme further demonstrates Lycamobile’s commitment to drive additional value to our customers. We know that our customers are hungry for more data and Lycarewards is the perfect way for them to achieve this at no incremental cost.”

The programme is powered by Adfone’s loyalty platform which enables a premium value exchange between consumers and their mobile providers. Adfone Founder and CEO Brian Boroff added, “Adfone is delighted to partner with Lycamobile for our first European deployment. Modern telecom providers understand the need for a new paradigm to stand out from the competition. Lycamobile is in the forefront of the industry by embracing our loyalty platform and deploying it in a way which delivers maximum value to their customers.”

The Lycarewards app is available free in the Google Play Store and may be downloaded at:

Lycarewards Benefits Number of Reward Points Required
200Mb Lycarewards Launch Offer 2,500
400Mb Lycarewards Launch Offer 5,000
600Mb Lycarewards Launch Offer 7,500
1Gb Lycarewards Launch Offer 10,000
2GB Lycarewards Launch Offer 20,000
£5 Amazon gift card 25,000
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