Lycamobile tops Brand Experience Index in Telecoms Sector

Lycamobile tops Brand Experience Index in Telecoms Sector

Lycamobile, the world’s largest international mobile virtual network operator, has been ranked number one in the Telecoms Sector in a new Brand Experience Index, ahead of brands such as BT, O2 and Vodafone. The Brand Experience Index, which was produced by London-based experiential agency Rufus Leonard, also placed Lycamobile in overall second place, beating established brands including John Lewis, Emirates and IKEA. The index was produced to track the impact of a brand’s experience on customer loyalty.

The study, based on a survey of UK participants, took ten brands, five ‘challenger’ and five ‘established’, from each of three sectors – telecoms, travel and retail – and measured five facets of consumer experience when interacting with them: sense, feel, think, do and connect. Lycamobile scored strongly across all five metrics that were measured for the index, producing a BXi score of 94, where the maximum was 140 and the top score was 96.

Furthermore, Lycamobile’s excellent brand experience was shown to directly impact its customer loyalty and hence business value. Participants were asked about their loyalty to the brands with questions about future purchase preference and likelihood to recommend, and the study found a significant correlation between a strong BXi score and brand loyalty.

Group Chairman Allirajah Subaskaran said, “This Index clearly shows that Lycamobile’s customers feel a strong affinity towards our company as a result of both the excellent brand and customer experience we provide. As Lycamobile continues to expand globally, we will work hard to maintain our commitment to customer experience as we further our goal of connecting communities and bringing people together.”

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