Lycamobile to launch in Tunisia as its global network reaches 20 countries

Lycamobile, the world’s biggest international mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), is to launch its service in Tunisia, the 20th country in its international network.

Tunisians will soon be able to benefit from Lycamobile’s low-cost rates for international and domestic calls, as well as data services. Lycamobile’s proposition will particularly appeal to Tunisians looking to call friends and family abroad. The size of Tunisia’s diaspora around the world was estimated at more than 1.2m people in 2012, including over 660,000 Tunisians resident in France, 189,000 in Italy and 86,000 in Germany.

After significant investment in recent decades, the North African country has one of the most well-developed telecoms infrastructures in the region. As a result Tunisia has some of the highest take-up rates of any country in Africa, with a mobile penetration rate of 132% and an internet penetration rate of 49%.

Founded with a mission to connect friends and family around the world, Lycamobile has grown quickly to serve 14 million customers around the world, including the UK, US and Australia.

Lycamobile chairman Allirajah Subaskaran commented:
“Tunisia is one of the best-developed countries in Africa from a telecoms perspective, and it has a large diaspora concentrated in Europe. Those factors make it a natural market for us to open as we continue our international expansion, following on from our launches in Romania and Hong Kong earlier in 2015.”

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