Lycamobile launches new pay monthly plans, offering savings of hundreds of pounds

Lycamobile launches new pay monthly plans, offering savings of hundreds of pounds

Lycamobile, the world’s biggest international mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), has launched a new set of flexible Pay Monthly Plans that bundle together minutes, texts and data in unbeatable low-cost packages, saving customers hundreds of pounds compared to rival deals. Famous for its best-value international calls, Lycamobile is now offering UK customers the chance to make similar savings closer to home.

The nine new bundles start from as little as £5 per month and are all SIM-only, meaning that customers can keep their existing device and apps, but still benefit from Lycamobile’s outstanding value for money.

The packages are all rolling 30-day deals with no fixed-term contract, but the prices are guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months, meaning that they are perfect for customers who value flexibility and don’t want to be tied down with a mobile contract for long periods of time. The nine Pay Monthly Plans consist of six voice, text and data packages, plus three voice and text plans for customers who don’t need data access.

To sign up to the new Pay Monthly Plans, customers simply need to buy a Lycamobile SIM card from one of the thousands of newsagents and supermarkets around the UK that stock the SIMs, or order one via Lycamobile’s website.

Lycamobile chairman Allirajah Subaskaran commented: “We’ve always been committed to offering the best value SIM only plans in the market – it’s how we’ve grown to over 14 million customers over the last nine years. Traditionally we’ve focused on pay-as-you-go deals, but these new Pay Monthly Plans offer outstanding value to customers who know they want ongoing access but who don’t want a contract to lock them in for a year or two, as so many other operators do.”

More details on the new Lycamobile Pay Monthly Plans can be found at:

Full list of Lycamobile’s Pay Monthly Plans:
Pay Monthly Plan Price Minutes Texts Data
National 7.5 £7.50 150 300 300MB
National 10 £10 500 Unlimited 500MB
National 15 £15 1000 Unlimited 1GB
National 20 £20 Unlimited Unlimited 2GB
National 25 £25 Unlimited Unlimited 3GB
National 30 £30 Unlimited Unlimited 5GB
Voice & SMS 5 £5 150 150 n/a
Voice & SMS 10 £10 600 Unlimited n/a
Voice & SMS 15 £15 Unlimited Unlimited n/a

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