Lyca Group proud sponsor of the Gift of Life Adventure Drive

Lyca Group proud sponsor of the Gift of Life Adventure Drive

Lyca Group, the world’s largest provider of services (Telecoms, Media, Entertainment, Financial, Travel and Healthcare) to ethnic and expatriate communities, is the proud sponsor of the Gift of Life Adventure Drive.

The Gift of Life Adventure Drive was organised to raise awareness about organ donation. The team consisted of group leader Anil Srivatsa along with his wife, their 17 year old daughter and 15 year old son, plus two other keen explorers. Anil, CEO and co-founder of the Radiowalla Network, is a living organ donor himself. Anil has been dedicated to raising awareness about organ donation ever since he donated his kidney to his brother and the Adventure Drive is his latest mission. On Friday 10 June, the team completed the incredible achievement of travelling 27,000km from Bangalore, India, to John o' Groats, Northeast Scotland.

Lyca Group with Gift of Life Adventure Drive team

As proven by Anil’s courageous contribution, and supported by his brother, organ donation is an extremely important issue and one that is highly beneficial to its recipients. The NHS urges healthy people within all communities to contribute to saving someone’s life by joining the NHS Organ Donor register. The 2014/15 Transplant Activity Report from NHS Blood and Transplant found that BAME communities made up only 4% of donors as their consent and family authorisation rates are significantly lower than those of white communities. The NHS stresses that patients from these ethnic minority communities are more likely to need an organ transplant than the rest of the population as they are more susceptible to certain illnesses which may result in organ failure and the need for a lifesaving transplant. On average, African and Asian patients wait almost a year longer than the rest of the population for a kidney transplant.

Member of Parliament for Leicester East, Rt. Hon Keith Vaz MP will be holding a press briefing in parliament on 16 June to promote organ donation awareness, especially to BAME communities who may not realise its enormous benefits, such as giving someone a second chance at life. Rt. Hon Keith Vaz MP said: “Organ donation in the BAME communities is lower than for the general population. This campaign highlights the importance of the need to give.”

Lycamobile chairman Allirajah Subaskaran commented: “We are incredibly honoured to sponsor what is not only an incredible achievement, but also one that is for a truly important and noble cause. This is made even more poignant by the fact that Anil himself donated his kidney to save his brother’s life. We ask BAME communities to take note of his brave decision and the benefits his family have experienced as a result.”

Gift of Life Adventure Car

When asked about why he made this journey, Anil Srivatsa said: “The idea of traveling this far with my family was to stress the importance of family when making a decision about organ donation and to also showcase to the world that after a live organ donation, life can return to normal if not become even more extraordinary. Gifting a life must become a natural decision if superstition, misinformation and sentiments are changed to become more aware about the idea behind gifting a life”.

The Lyca Group provides a range of services aimed at improving the way ethnic communities and expatriates maintain close networks with their friends and family across the world. Of Lyca Group’s many sponsors, Lycahealth was predominant in promoting organ donation through the NHS. Lycahealth is a customer-centric healthcare enterprise with diagnostic centres in Canary Wharf, Orpington and Chennai. These centres offer an abundance of specialist medical services including MRI, ultrasound, X-ray and more.

Lyca Group with Gift of Life Adventure Drive team

Other Lyca Group sponsors that provided their services throughout the journey include Lycamobile, the telecoms and roaming partner, Lycachat, the teams app used to share videos and updates, Lycadilse, the official radio partner where presenters hosted regular live interviews, Lycafly, the teams travel partner and sponsor of the radio shows, Athavan TV, the recognised Tamil TV partner that hosted 30 minute shows and Lycamoney, that provided prepaid cards to prevent money loss through foreign exchange commissions.

Additional sponsors include: Gulf Oil, that provided the cars with fuel; Oakley, that provided polarised sunglasses; Radiowalla; that provided in car entertainment; Netmagic; the supporting associate sponsor; Sanjeev Kapoor, who supplied the team with meals; Everything 4WD, that modified the vehicles with the best equipment available; Columbia Asia hospitals, where Anil’s kidney donation took place and that oversaw all health and safety aspects of the journey; Mohan Foundation, that so far has helped register 3000 new organ donors; Gokaldas Images, that provided the team with practical uniforms; and EnSyde, that ensured the journey remained carbon neutral.

Lyca Group with Gift of Life Adventure Drive team
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