Lycamobile sponsors Wendelin’s 10km charity walk

Lycamobile sponsors Wendelin’s 10km charity walk

Lycamobile is sponsoring Wendelin Alima’s 10km charity walk, which takes place this Saturday 16 July in Eyam, Derbyshire.

The walk aims to raise money to improve maternity healthcare in Alabukam, a small village in the Northwest region of Cameroon.

Some healthcare facilities in local villages in the region are sadly in very poor condition and could do with extra financial support to help improve services. Those from the region who are struggling financially may find themselves without access to adequate maternity care, which is something many of us take for granted in the UK.

All proceeds will go to LESA UK, a charity consisting of former pupils of the Our Lady of Lourdes College in Bamenda, Cameroon, which is near the village of Alabukam. The charity was founded in 2004 and its members are all volunteers whose objectives are to advance education, relieve sickness and poverty, and preserve and protect the good health of people resident in Cameroon.

Wendelin, who has worked for Lycamobile for nearly five years and is herself a former pupil of the Our Lady of Lourdes College, hopes to raise money to improve facilities and as a result, reduce unnecessarily high mortality rates among mothers and their children.

Your support is greatly appreciated by Wendelin, Lycamobile, and all those in Alabukam, Cameroon.

Please visit Wendelin’s justgiving page to donate.


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