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"I see the MVNO as a business model rather than a telecoms model. It is nimble, fast moving and cost effective both for those who run it and those who use it, and it is this agility which allows it to provide effective solutions for customers, whatever they may need.

"MVNOs are thriving because – in general – they are building their businesses around their customers, and making lives easier. MVNOs that leverage their economies of scale to deliver a compelling value proposition will continue to drive growth. In terms of expansion, Lycamobile’s international model means that our primary focus is becoming available in every regional market across the world. Other propositions should look to innovate through product and services as a method to strengthen relations with customers.

"Broadening the portfolio offering with proposition models that integrate financial services and telecommunications and propositions that address a European or global footprint will engender greater loyalty and add incremental revenue streams. Look at areas in which you should invest to serve the needs of your customers. Lycamobile customers – for example – don’t just phone their friends and family overseas: they visit them and they send funds to them. Whether they are calling home, visiting home or sending money home, we try to cover the whole journey.

"The economic environment will continue to present challenges for the industry but large-scale MVNOs that have invested in their brand and service quality will seize unique opportunities and accelerate their momentum."
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