England v India cricket

England v India cricket

With the fifth and final test of the 2016 India v England series currently underway, we take a look at the history of the fixture and how Lycamobile sees sport as a benefit to communities.

India and England’s cricket history dates back to 1932, when India’s test debut was played against England in, which they lost by 158 runs.

India’s first victory against England came in 1952 after seven defeats and a further seven draws. Since then, matches have been regular but India has only recently started to challenge England in head to head stats.

In fact, so competitive and frequent has this fixture become that in 2007, to commemorate the 75 years since the first test match between the two sides, a trophy was designed – the Pataudi Trophy. Since its inception, England has recoded seven wins to India’s two.

Currently, India and England are battling it out in India in this year’s test series. Lycamobile has a history embedded in sport, particularly cricket, and you can see our presence at this series.

	England v India cricket history

We’ve compiled some stats from previous fixtures:

  Total England wins India wins Draws
Tests in England 57 30 6 21
Tests in India 54 13 15 26
Total tests 112 43 21 48
Series in England 17 13 3 1
Series in India 14 5 6 3
Total series 31 18 9 4

This is in addition to our support of street cricket, organised by Chance to Shine. The charity is aiming to bring cricket to people based where the game hasn’t traditionally reached, such as urban areas. Find out more about Lycamobile and Chance to Shine here.

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